Your Guide to Shopping for the Right Digital Camera: Which Camera Should I Buy?

If you’re looking for a quality digital camera, then you’ve stumbled upon the correct article. When I look for a camera, I go for the one that’s an incredible investment for my money or allowable budget, wherein it’s affordable but not to the point of low-grade cheapness.

Canon PowerShot S120

Canon PowerShot S120

So which camera should i buy? Best answer is that I should get the camera that I need. Something like the Canon PowerShot S120 for instance; that’s a wonderful digicam that’s worth every penny at a little under $200 but over $150. It also features 3.2 megapixels, which is good since the minimum pixel count for a decent digital camera is 3 megapixels.

The Earmarks of a Quality Compact Digital Camera

  1. Megapixels: If you’re a photographer who wants highly detailed prints worthy of olden film cameras without blurring or pixilation (the latter being an exclusively digital age ailment since film doesn’t have such issues), you need a lot of megapixels. At least 3 megapixels. In order to determine which camera should i buy, I need to first have a firm grasp of what I want and what I require. Do I need a lot of megapixels? For vacation photos, even a simple cellphone camera is enough (and even they can reach 3 megapixels nowadays). For artsy shots, I have to go with the specialist device.
  2. Sharp and Vivid Photos: More often than not, the more megapixels your camera has, the sharper and more vivid the end results are, whether you want to develop or print the photographs in question or store it in your hard drive. The digital version should have a high enough resolution to make the picture not look like a low-resolution web pic from the dial-up days of the Internet. Actually, picture quality and end results can make or break your camera purchase. If it’s not high resolution enough for your tastes, then you’re free to go find a better camera.
  3. Zoom Options: The minimum zoom for a digital camera that’s worth its salt is 3x. It can go all the way to 34x and Canon PowerShot particularly has 4x. The 4x zoom range is equivalent to a 35 millimeter with 35-140 millimeter range. It’s a decent mid-range zoom, in short. This is an optical zoom, at that (a digital zoom tends to pixilate your pictures, so it’s better to get the zoom from the lens itself rather than from the camera using digital technology). Take note, contrary to what’s shown in crime scene investigation shows, when you zoom in digitally, you don’t “enhance” a picture or footage like an optical zoom can.
  4. Batteries: Certain digicams can only run on a special battery type, but most of them run on AA batteries. The best ones are those that run on rechargeable batteries, such that you can reuse the battery again and again a la what you’d do with your smartphone. AA batteries are good too in that it’s easy to find this battery type in your nearest supermarket or grocery store. When searching for non-AA batteries, you might have to specifically go to a hardware shop or electronics store as well as a photography store. You should get a camera that gives around 300 shots per battery set.
  5. Movie Mode: Around the Early Turn of the Millennium and the Late Nineties, there were already digicams capable of taking about a few minutes of video, usually with webcam quality. Nowadays, it’s possible to shoot long videos with your digicam like with your cellphone, sometimes with HD quality at that! It’s getting to the point where actual digital video cameras are becoming obsolete (although there are video cameras with still camera functions in them as well). These movies include sound, at that, which is a nice extra for something that’s only supposed to take pictures instead of full-motion video.
  6. Style: It’s hard to get a solid handle on the stylishness of a phone, since style and aesthetics depends on the eye of the beholder. However, a good rule of thumb when it comes to looking for a stylish camera is to realize that it isn’t an objective metric and there’s no accounting for taste. If you wish for a small, compact model that fits perfectly in your hands, then that’s your call. That’s the style you like personally and it’s perfectly fine for you go for that kind of style. Just make sure there’s substance behind that style.
  7. Form and Function: A good camera is a marriage of form and function; design and actual performance. The Canon PowerShot SD780IS, for example, is a good mid-range 4x camera that’s akin to scouting riflescopes that allow you to shoot from close by when you’re on the hunt. In photography contexts, the PowerShot proves its perfect balance of substance and style with the way it’s ergonomically designed that allows you easy access to the shutter. At the same time, the camera is as easy to use as a point and click, but has certain additional features you’d never see from a simpler camera.
  8. The Best of Both Worlds: Your camera should be the best of both worlds in terms of you getting more value from your investment every time. While some say you shouldn’t have your cake and eat it, a good camera can serve as an exception to that rule, proving itself to be a gift that keeps on giving instead. You can get better value for your bottom dollar with a camera that doesn’t only shoot sharp photos, but also has an HDMI output, HD movie shooting capabilities, a 2.5 inch LCD screen for shot previews, and a DIGIC 4 processor, among other must-have features.

In a Nutshell

When searching for the right camera for you, it should have image stabilization in case you have to use your camera with shaky hands and you lack a tripod to keep it still. There are also digicams out there capable of face detection, which is handy if you’re searching for ways to center your picture on the face of the people you’re photographing in an automatic fashion (like when you’re taking selfies and group shots). The camera you’re eyeing should be good for its class and the bane on its competitors’ collective sides. You don’t need HD videos recordings, but it’s a nice bonus to a package that’s impressive even without that feature.