What Camera Should I Buy?

Photography nowadays is a common thing. People take pictures of almost anything in order to tell a story of their everyday lives. We also have a lot of platforms nowadays in which they can upload their pictures for everyone to see. This also allows them to socialize and to say something to the public. The number of talented photographers is also growing. These are the people who can see the beauty in the scenes that they capture and one way or another, they are creating some kind of art. This kind of subconscious movement is actually allowing the people to evolve towards the better. Lets talk about What Camera Should I Buy?


Cameras are basically the tools that allow us to capture images from real life objects and events. They have already evolved from very large tools to something that we can just carry around in our pockets. The best thing about them is the fact that they are now very much available in the market. You can find cameras of different shapes and sizes with different specifications. Cellphones with cameras can be considered as the most popular device today since almost everyone has a cellphone. On top of that, these gadgets have very competitive prices allowing everyone to have all the choice that they can have.

Buying a Camera

If ever you decide to buy a camera, there are things that you have to consider first. By considering these things you will be able to save money and you will be able to use the device with ease. The question here is, what camera should I buy, considering that fact that there are so many devices available? The answer is not to find the most expensive camera or the most expensive phone in the market. You have to ask yourself how you are going to use the camera.

Consider your attitude towards the camera. Are you going to use it just to take pictures of yourself or any random event in your everyday life? Then a good cellphone will definitely work for you. There are also some cellphones that have presets which can match that of a good camera so you can also use them for artistic photos.

On the other hand, you should buy a handheld camera if taking photos is your hobby. This one will definitely work for travels and other events dedicated just for taking photos. This is because a handheld camera will not use the battery for any other activity aside from taking photos unlike a cellphone which battery can drain just after how many hours of continuous use.

The best camera in the market is the Digital single lens refactor or the DSLR camera. This has a fully manual interface that you can play with in order to bring out the look you want out of a single photograph. There are also some presets that you can use but the best thing about it is the fact that you can control pretty much anything from the shutter speed to the lighting. This is something that professional photographers use.

DSLR vs. Other Cameras

Modern digital cameras and cellphones are pretty high end to have the same features as the DSLR. However, professionals still prefer DSLR for several reasons. First, DSLR is fully manual and automatic at the same time. This means that you can choose from the two options. Some handheld cameras and cellphones also have good presets, but you cannot really have full freedom with these kinds of gadgets. This is especially true if you plan to be a professional photographer.

The DLSR is also design for stable and accurate shooting. The weight is enough so that you can hold it steadily in your hands. You can also change the lens if you want. This is to make you have several variations depending on the scene that you want to take. DSLR cameras can also save a lot of battery because it only supports one single function.


Taking good pictures is not something people are born with. This is a kind of talent that has to be developed into a skill so it will have more value. The only problem is that people do not really ask the question “what camera should I buy?” anymore. People will buy anything as long as it looks good. This is because people depend too much on software applications that allow them to edit their photos.
There is nothing really bad about it, but people rely so much that the skill is now being transferred to some kind of general knowledge. People do not exert anymore effort because they know that they can edit the pictures anyway. This is the reason why a lot of photographers are losing their drive when it comes to taking pictures. Their art is not something that is created through skill anymore but experience.


Reading reviews about that particular camera that you want will definitely help. These reviews are articles written by real users who actually have tested that particular device, just like this one,

Sony W800/S 20 MP

Sony W800/S 20 MP

These reviews actually tell us what these devices are for the users who have used them.

It is true that there are some people who have the guts to comment something on the reviews without even having the basic knowledge about the product, but I am sure that you will find out who of the members are saying something that will not help. These reviews will also help you find out whether one product is actually competitive or not.
Usually, these forums list down all the specific details about a certain camera so you will not spend so much time going out and scouting each and everything in the internet.


At the end of the day, we cannot really say that we have found the perfect camera. All we can say is that there is this device that is waiting for you for how many nights now. You will know which device is good for you once you read the commentaries and the reviews made by real users and real professionals on the field. We hope this article helps you answer the question “what camera should I buy?”