Samsung WB350F Review

Samsung WB350F Review

What digital camera should you buy? Here is the Samsung WB350F Review to help you answer that question!

With every version of the “WB”  line from Samsung, the operating and use gets easier and easier with only better results. Like the versions before the Samsung WB350F this one as well easily slips in the front pants pocket or into your shirt pocket it’s that slim! Quite honestly that fact alone may make this your favorite camera and the best one you own (* who wants to go out to the nightclub with a DSLR slung around your neck?)!

Unlike the myriad of other ultracompact cameras, Samsung succeeded in designing a camera that enjoys connectivity with your phone or tablet. Samsung succeeds in this without the loss of quality or features. The low-end manual control settings like shutter speed, ISO, lens aperture are available and not hidden within folders and menus. This is all done away which doesn’t hinder the shooting experience. The SamsungWB350f is designed with convenience in mind and technology  powering it.


  • Share your best photos instantly with Family and Friends with Built-in Wi-Fi with NFC
  • SMART features – Social Media Upload, E-mail, Photo beam, Direct Link, Mobile Link, PC Auto-backup, Remote Viewfinder, All Share
  • 21x Optical Zoom for great shots up front or from a distance
  • 1080p HD Video
  • microSD card required.

Pros and Cons:

This camera has a sleek body and appearance in a solid feeling in your hand. It has a ” pebble” like finish that makes it look leathery and more importantly, helps you have a firm grip on it.  Looking at what really puts this camera apart from the other ultra compacts is how well it interfaces with your tablet or phone. After downloading it out transferring photos from the camera to those devices was a simple as pressing a button (* yes it is a real button). After that we were able to upload images to her favorite social media sites and share with ease.

One tiny issue with all cameras is the built in flash. The majority of them are underpowered and do create the redeye effect.  Both of these problems are usually caused by the need to keep the camera tiny, and the flash has to be positioned close to the lens (this makes the redeye happen). Samsung has addressed this in a few ways. First they included the flash as a pop-up, second they added a lens that is designed to allow a lot of light in – this reduces the need for strong flash. Lastly the ” sensor” is highly accurate and can capture images even when the light available is pretty low. This all results in a remarkably crisp image even in low light, we have experience taking pictures as well in a semi-dim room with great results.

Things to note, keep in mind that this camera does not have a built-in GPS, which isn’t necessarily bad as that tends to short battery life. The Samsung WB 350F also makes use of the micro-SD cards. So be sure to order one when you get a camera.


This camera truly stands out in the ultracompact field from its competitors. The tactile feel, the way addresses redeye, and the sharpness of its images even in low light makes it a fantastic camera to get.

We hope you enjoyed this digital camera review. read more about the Samsung WB350 on Amazon.

Samsung WB350F

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Samsung WB350F Review

Samsung WB350F Review

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