Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera

Looking for the best digital camera? How about the Canon PowerShot A2500? There are so many people who will choose Canon as the best camera brand in the market. But, before you purchase the Canon PowerShot A2500, here are some important information to take note of.

Features of the Camera

There is surely a number of features that you can get and enjoy out of this digital camera and it may include the following below:

  • It comes with the ECO mode that helps in reducing its power consumption.
  • It can capture very good quality of 720p HD videos and comes with dedicated buttons for movies and stereo sounds.
  • It offers 16 MP, Canon DIGIC image processor and CCD Sensor.
  • The style, color and overall look of this digital camera is really perfect for most of the needs and preferences of many people. It could surely fit your own style as the camera itself is stylish enough.

Pros & Cons

This could be a good investment for people who are starting to learn photography. This digital camera is equipped with various features that are all essential for most of the needs of many consumers. This could be used in capturing photos and videos at the same time which could be convenient if you are someone who often travel. However, it could only offer 16 MP which could be far behind the current features offered by other digital cameras.


The Canon PowerShot A2500 could be a good option that you can consider, especially that it comes with almost everything that you need for average quality of photo. You can read most of the digital camera reviews on the internet to have a better idea on the things that you can get out of the digital camera and be assured that this is one of the best for you to consider.

Canon PowerShot A2500 16MP Digital Camera


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