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Compact camera reviews… Since the early 1990s, have a working as a freshman photographer in the fashion industry. It goes without fail that one assignment, someone comes over to me and asks ” what camera should I buy”. Of course always take time out of my day to stop and answer the question, however I thought that more people may have a similar question. This was the inspiration for starting CompactCamerasReview.com.

Being that I work in the fashion industry, I have access to a wide array of cameras, other photographers, and insights into the camera world. Using this knowledge and resources I have assembled a team of reviewers to talk about their experiences with cameras.

Compact camera reviews It’s our passion

It’s our desire, and I want for you to take the best pictures you can and to be the best photographer you can be. The way which you can do this is by informing yourself on the products are out there, and then going outside and taking amazing photos!

I really hope you enjoy and  get informed to make a proper buying decision through the information on the site. If you like to see anything added, or if you’d like to submit a review, please contact us.

Thank you for taking the time and best of luck in your photography!